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Canyoning Wetsuit Review - Seland Verdon

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Canyoning wetsuits are built for the harsh conditions found in the canyon: they provide insulation and warmth in cold water, protect your body from sharp and abrasive surfaces and also give you some floatation aid during swims in fresh water. Choosing the best canyoning wetsuit for your practice will increase your comfort level during the descent.

Canyoning wetsuits models

Canyoning wetsuits come in various configurations: one-piece (also called “steamers”) allow for limited ingress of water; warmth is gained by the accumulated transpiration in the suit as we move down the canyon. The thicker the material, the warmer it will get, making it an excellent option for cold descents or for active canyoneers/guides.

canyoning wetsuit Seland Iguazu steamer

The 2-piece canyoning wetsuits are composed of a long john and a jacket. This is a very popular choice for summer descents, allowing us to remove the jacket and use a rash vest in open and sunny descents (we recommend the excellent Seland Phuket 2mm vest). The jacket & long john configuration add up and can provide up to 10mm of insulation & protection for the vital organs in the torso, as well as additional floatation aid.

canyoning wetsuit long john seland verdon

Seland Verdon AZ Canyoning Wetsuit

In partnership with Spanish manufacturer Seland, the V7 Team has tested the Verdon 2-piece wetsuit in the alpine canyons of New Zealand during the filming of both Canyoning Level 1 & Level 2 courses. According to Seland, the Verdon canyoning wetsuit is designed for professionals and canyoneers that practice canyoning regularly, with Titanium inner layer and high-resistance Nylon lining against friction and abrasion.

Here’s a review by the V7 Team:

Wetsuit Insulation & Warmth

The Seland Verdon canyoning wetsuit features a 5/4mm construction, with 5mm neoprene on the core sections (torso, hood, legs, arms) and 4mm on the joints for increased mobility and comfort without compromising the warmth. The long-john inner Titanium layer - a fleece-like material that dries very quickly - performed really well, especially in very aquatic canyons. It was so warm that in certain open canyons and sunny sections we had to take a dip on purpose in order to freshen up.

The jacket is also built on the 5/4mm configuration with 5mm on the core and members and 4mm on the joints. It features a built-in hood and soft material on the neck to prevent rashes.

In total, the torso is protected by 10mm of high-quality neoprene. 

Wetsuit Comfort & Fit

The Seland Verdon canyoning wetsuit is made with high quality neoprene which makes it very supple and comfortable to put on, even when completely dry. The multi-panel design ensures that everything fits snuggly, from top to bottom. Mobility is guaranteed even with the additional Rubberflex reinforcements on knees and elbows. The return walk from the canyon endpoint while wearing the long john was not a problem.

The Verdon wetsuit jacket features an adjustable buckle system that creates loops for the legs; this allows us to tighten or loosen it, and also remove the jacket without removing our harnesses. 

As for the measures, we found that the sizing is more aligned with shorter body profiles: all V7 Team members required a size larger than their usual measure for the perfect fit. For example, a 181cm, 77kg lean body person would fit a size 4 rather than a 3. You can contact Seland directly to check what is the best fit for your body profile.

Wetsuit Features

The Verdon canyoning wetsuit jacket provides multiple storage pockets. The chest pocket is perfect for a waterproof camera; another small pocket can store the whistle. On the arm, another pocket can store the knife for quick access.

The long john is equipped with the Emerid tracking system, which can provide personal, medical and contact information via NFC (near-field communication). This waterproof system is very helpful for emergency situations and comes built-in to the suit.

Wetsuit Durability

The Seland Verdon AZ canyoning wetsuit has proven its worth in the durability aspect: the neoprene stretches marginally and keeps a tight fit & insulation even after months of daily use.

Thanks to the knee and elbow reinforcements and Small Diamond construction, the main stress points are protected from major damage.

The panel stitches are protected by a coating of Rubberflex for added lifespan. On the cuff & ankle edges, however, the stitching could be improved or removed altogether and substituted for a neoprene gasket for better durability and limited ingress of water.

In Summary

Canyoning wetsuits should provide warmth, comfort and durability in any type of conditions. The Seland Verdon AZ wetsuit is an excellent choice for professionals and those who practice on a regular basis. The color pattern is also pleasant. The Seland Verdon is a men’s model; for women’s, check out the 2-piece Seland Luna or Mulhacen models.

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