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V7 Academy is the ultimate canyoning training resource for the global community. Expand your canyoning technical knowledge with canyoning training courses prepared by professional instructors.

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Canyoning training and technical knowledge in constant evolution. This is how V7 Academy approaches your training needs: offering the latest & updated canyoning technical skills right on your screen with content prepared in the canyon and curated by leading professionals in the industry.

Modern Canyoning Training Courses

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We understand your time is precious; that's why we have prepared easy-to-follow sections that you can do at your own pace, anywhere you want. The updated, modular format also allows you to choose specific topics and sections rather than a complete training course, ensuring that knowledge remains accessible to a wider audience, from seasoned canyoning professionals to the occasional weekend-warrior.

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Trusted by canyoning professionals

Some of our current partners include key players in the canyoning training industry. And the list is growing. Want to become a partner? Apply now.

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An essential resource for the canyoning community

Our online canyoning instructional videos and support materials are the perfect technical reference tools for beginners and experienced recreational canyoneers, but also a valuable resource for professional canyoning instructors looking to provide a modern and content-rich e-learning experience to their trainees.

A structured solution to canyoning learning

More than just canyoning training courses

Online canyoning technical knowledge should be structured in a way that makes sense: easy-to-follow videos that build on the previous lessons, allowing you to continuously learn and improve your technical toolbox. Different from some content that can be found online but fails to provide updated materials or doesn’t meet the demands of the community for international standards & best practices, V7 Academy comes to serve you as the source for structured, contemporary, advanced canyoning technical knowledge and training.

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10+ Specialist modules 40+ Hrs of video lessons 2000+ Enrolled canyoneers

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A unique approach to canyoning training

Let’s face it: your time is precious. Traditional canyoning training courses are based on duration rather than knowledge acquisition, and require you to allocate various days and cope with the expenses of travel and accommodation during training. V7 Academy focuses on your growth and learning, not on classroom time. Here are some of the main differentials that V7 Academy brings to international canyoning training courses:

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Learn anywhere

A unique online knowledge base for canyoning technical knowledge available to everyone. Access on your desktop or mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

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Eliminate travel expenses or extended time off from your personal and professional responsibilities. Study from home & reduce your carbon footprint.

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Lifetime access

Get unlimited access* to the courses you enroll in. Watch it as many times as you want and review the knowledge before each season to sharpen your skills.

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Up to date

Learn international canyoning standards of practice. Technical modules are updated regularly according to your feedback, providing you with the latest canyoning technical knowledge available.

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Filmed in the canyon, technical and specialty modules provide contextual visualisation to improve your situational awareness. No more imagining how techniques are applied in real life.

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Global Community

A built-in dedicated international canyoning social community for discussions, knowledge exchange and networking. Trade insights and contribute with the growth and development of canyoning.

Approved by international canyoneers like you.

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