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professionalize your canyoning training program

The ultimate canyoning training resource

Our online canyoning instructional videos and support materials are the perfect technical reference tools for beginners and experienced recreational canyoneers, but also a valuable resource for professional canyoning instructors looking to provide a modern and content-rich e-learning experience to their trainees.

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Modernize your canyoning training experience

It's time to leave outdated and heavy canyoning manuals in the bookshelf. By making use of V7 Academy’s online content as reference material and support resource for your program, you will provide the latest and most up-to-date canyoning technical content to your students.

V7 Academy is a living library, an online manual of canyoning technical knowledge.

Build to suit your course content

The modular content can be organized to fit into your course’s program and price range, adding value to your training program while proving a learn-anywhere-anytime experience which helps to better prepare your trainees for the practical course. Ensure your trainees have the groundwork done prior to starting your program, optimizing your in-person teaching time.

Add value to your program

Thanks to V7 Academy’s lifetime access to the content, your trainees can maintain their proficiency in both theory and technical knowledge by reviewing the digital resources contained in your program. Establish a solid and trustworthy relationship with your trainees and provide valuable updates as V7’s library evolves.

The V7 Partner Program has been developed to support:

Training Organizations Clubs & Associations Independent Canyoning Instructors Canyoning Tour Operators

Case Study: The Mountaineers

Strengthening the PNW canyoning community

Offering incredible canyoning descents, the Pacific North West area in the USA is home to a growing community of canyoneers who are thirsty for technical knowledge and skills to continue expanding their playground. The Mountaineers - a non-profit organization that offers V7-powered canyoning training courses and workshops - is supporting the growth and strengthening of the local canyoning community by using our resources.

Trusted by canyoning professionals

Some of our current partners include key players in the canyoning training industry. And the list is growing. Want to become a partner? Apply now.

Join the movement to make canyoning accessible to everyone.

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