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Personal Movement and Safety L2

Optimize your canyon progression

Personal Movement and Safety L2 overview

In this personal movement and safety module you will learn about all the elements of progressing down a canyon. Initially from understanding your equipment, how to use it and the loads and forces that can be placed on it, to personal movement on rope and in water.

This module is included in the Canyoning Level 2 course.

Beginner level


What you will learn:

Move efficiently in any situation.

A key skill as a canyoneer is to have the skill and knowledge to move efficiently on a rope, both up and down. This module covers the basics of canyoning single rope technique (SRT). You will learn how to descend using an improvised device, manage your friction, pass a re-belay and deviation as well as ascending and converting from ascent to descent on the rope.

Many canyons around the world are aquatic, and this program also covers movement in water from identifying hazards, white water swimming to river crossing and duck diving. In addition, learn communication techniques and signals.

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Program Outline

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1. L2 Equipment

2. L2 Teamwork

3. L2 Movement

4. L2 Movement on Rope

5. L2 Movement in Water

6. L2 Rescue

International Best Practices

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L2 Equipment

Learn what personal, team and specialist equipment you should carry in your group. How to select your rigging equipment and understand how your equipment is affected by loads and forces. Become proficient in setting up your personal equipment. Learn how to store, carry and maintain your ropes and gear.


L2 Teamwork

Communication is key to a smooth descent; learn how experienced canyoneers interact in the canyon for a safer practice.


L2 Movement

The basics of dynamic progression techniques such as jumping, sliding, downclimbing and walking efficiently in the canyon


L2 Movement on Rope

Master techniques such as; advanced rappelling, improvised descent, passing a deviation, passing a rebelay, different techniques for ascending a rope, descending with mechanical devices, SRT ropework and rope conversions. Become proficient in understanding rope dynamics like fall factor, impact force and dynamic loading.


L2 Movement in Water

Identify water movements and their risks. Acquire technical knowledge on how to swim and cross moving water. Learn different techniques for solo and team river crossing and how to manage equipment through white water. Learn the risks and techniques associated with rappelling and carrying a bag in swift water. Understand floatation theory and duck diving techniques.


L2 Rescue

Get the knowledge and theory for rope and water rescue. Learn about the different rescue principles, protocols and risks associated with canyoning rescue. Learn how to perform personal, direct and indirect rescues on the rope and in white water with confidence.

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